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Yarn Over (yo)
12 Tips: Check your work carefully as you work the row after a yarn-over row. If you are short a stitch or two, check for missing yarn-overs. In lace patterns, try reading the pattern row in reverse to check as you work the next (wrong-side) row.
9 Picking Up A Missing Yarn-Over: Work to where a yarn-over should be. Insert left needle from front to back under strand between last stitch purled (or knit) and next stitch on left needle. Purl (or knit) into yarn-over.
10 A yarn-over’s location (between knits, between purls, between a knit and a purl or between a purl and a knit) determines how the yarn-over is made.
11 If a stitch before or after a yarn-over is neither a knit or a purl, but a decrease (k2tog, SSK, etc), treat it as a knit; if it is a purl decrease (p2tog, SSP, etc), treat is as a purl. On the next row, work into the yarn-over as if it is a regular stitch.